The Comma Queen of “The New Yorker”

The New Yorker magazine has long been admired not only for the quality and variety of its content, but also for its enthusiasm for maintaining strong consistency in the style and usage of the English language that it publishes. While some of the linguistic nuances discussed are perhaps too esoteric for the average learner of English as a second language, it is not too unsurprising that many of the grammar doubts considered here, at the highest level of the publishing industry, are no different than those of most British School students.

One of the magazine’s copy editors, Mary Norris, hosts a fascinating video series in which she discusses different common doubts about how to correctly use the English language, backed up with real examples from The New Yorker.

Here’s one video about “that” vs. “which”:


We love this videos, and we hope you do, too! The whole series can be watched here: