Suspended Coffee

Have you heard about suspended coffee?

According to Wikipedia, a suspended coffee (also known as caffè sospeso or pending coffee) “is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. The tradition began in the working-class cafés of Naples, where someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. A poor person inquiring later whether there was a sospeso available would then be served a coffee for free. Coffee shops in other countries have adopted the sospeso to increase sales, and to promote kindness and caring in all communities.” (

Here are more videos in case you like the idea!

Suspended coffees “it’s about more than the coffee” (with English transcript in the description box):

Would you buy a ‘suspended coffee’ for someone in need?:–uno

Suspended coffees – Official website:

What do you think about it? I really think it is a wonderful idea and a real act of kindness!

Definitely… it’s about more than the coffee… 😉

Belén 🙂