Preparing at home for your official exam

Odds are that if you are reading this, you’re probably preparing now — or will be preparing in the future — for an official English exam. Your teacher helps you in class, and you do you all your homework (obviously!), but you have a bit of free time and you want to do some extra practice at home. Sound familiar?

It’s not uncommon for students who are going to take an exam like a B1, B2 or C1 (or any level for that matter) to seek out online resources to help them get ready for the big day. We’d like to recommend a couple of websites that can help you with your Cambridge or Trinity exams!

For Cambridge, we recommend for practicing all the sections of the exam in an interactive way, as well as to watch videos of candidates doing the speaking exam. Both links will provide students with valuable materials to improve their Cambridge exam performance.

For Trinity ISE, we believe that the official exam resource pages for ISE I (, ISE II ( and ISE III ( are very helpful. There are also full videos of ISE exams at the bottom of these pages, complete with an accompanying document with the examiners marks and observations.

For Trinity GESE, there are similar resources on the official website: GESE 1-3 (, GESE 4-6 (, GESE 7-9 ( and GESE 10-12 (

We hope these websites help, and best of luck on your upcoming exams!