Lyrics Training: Learning English with Music

Some of the most popular activities for English students involve music. It’s no secret that songs can motivate kids (and adults!) in ways that other games and activities don’t. While there are endless ideas for how to use music to practice your English, today we are going to highlight one of them that we especially enjoy: Lyrics Training. is a website that takes the classic fill-in-the-blanks activity to another level. You watch music videos with the lyrics written out below… but some of the words are missing! It’s your job to listen carefully to the song, and fill in the missing words. There is a huge variety of current and classic songs to choose from, and you can select between four different levels of difficulty (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert), and try to get the most missing words in the least amount of time. Believe us, it’s addictive! 

Best of all, this is a game that students can play at home, or on their phones or tablets; they don’t have to beg their teacher to play it in class! So what are you waiting for? Find your favorite songs on the Lyrics Training website, and use them to improve your English! Can you make it to “expert” level??? Good luck!