Dictionary Christmas 2016

It’s that time of year again! It’s what I like to call “Dictionary Christmas”: when you wake up and discover all the new words that have just been accepted into the English Language.

“What’s that?” you say. “New words? Precisely! Languages are living things that are always changing and evolving, and new words (and new uses of old words) appear all the time. Every year, all the different English dictionaries decide which words have started to be used widely enough to add them to their pages. 

The Oxford English Dictionary has just announced that it has added over 1,000 (!) new words and meanings, including YOLO (the acronym for “you only live once”), Oompa Loompa (of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” fame) and scrumdiddlyumptious (basically, delicious, but much harder to say).

You KNOW you want to see the whole list. Well, it’s Dictionary Christmas, so here’s your present: http://public.oed.com/the-oed-today/recent-updates-to-the-oed/september-2016-update/new-words-list-september-2016/. Open it up and see what’s inside!